Please note: We are currently not scheduling any weddings for 2020 at this point.

Weddings at First Baptist Church

Congratulations! First Baptist Church rejoices with the couples and families who unite their lives in our sanctuary. We look upon the marriage ceremony as a testament to the love and loyalty of human relationships given to us by our Heavenly Father. Within the framework of a Christian ceremony, we also welcome and encourage your individuality and personality to come through during this holy event.

We enthusiastically invite you to meet our pastors and have one of them perform your wedding ceremony. However, because we strongly believe in the sanctity and dignity of all Christian denominations, if you have a relationship with a pastor, you are welcome to have that person officiate your wedding ceremony in our church building.

The Sanctuary

Inside the sanctuary

Inside the sanctuary

First Baptist Church offers tasteful and elegant surroundings for weddings large and small. The sanctuary’s main floor seats 350 guests in a gently-curved arc facing the altar. A more than 40-foot center aisle divides the room, which is accented by beautiful original Povey stained-glass windows. The balcony can accommodate another 300 people with additional overflow seating available. The pews and altar are a warm, golden oak. The church also features a beautiful Austin pipe organ with intricately-painted pipes and a rich, full sound that lends majesty and warmth to a wide variety of wedding styles.

Experience the sanctuary in 360 degrees!

Candlelight Chapel

Candlelight Chapel at First Baptist Church

For smaller weddings, you may want to consider our Candlelight Chapel. It also features stained-glass windows and seats approximately 80 people.

Dressing Areas

Our large Bridal Parlor features a wall of gorgeous Povey stained-glass windows and an ornately carved floor-to-ceiling mirror fit for a Queen!

The men of your bridal party may dress in a similarly-appointed room directly above the Bridal Parlor on the second floor. Fellowship Hall is adjacent to both dressing rooms and serves as a relaxing and gracious common area for you and your families.

To schedule your wedding or get a tour of the facilities, contact Keith at or 503-228-7465 x120.

(Wedding photography courtesy of Eric Cable, used by permission.)