First Baptist Church has four regular Sunday worship services. Members and visitors are always welcome at any of the services. In fact, some people get “double church” by attending the 8:45 casual service and another service again at 11:00! On certain Sundays, our 11:00 services meet together for combined worship as one body in three languages.

Casual service (English) is at 8:45 every Sunday morning. We meet in the Fellowship Hall, adjacent to the Sanctuary. The service is “casual” in style — music is upbeat and contemporary (both praise choruses and hymns), led by the Voices in Praise team with occasional appearances by our Youth Band and youth soloists. The sermon is the same as the one given in the English 11:00 service.

Traditional worship (English) is at 11:00 every Sunday morning. We meet in the church’s beautiful Sanctuary. Music is predominantly hymns, with an anthem by the Temple Choir and congregational singing; both are accompanied by the Austin Organ. The service is not strictly liturgical, but it incorporates several traditional elements. Despite the name, the service is enjoyable by anyone — it’s “formal” mostly in contrast to the casual worship.

Children’s church (English) is held in the Children’s Sanctuary adjacent to the dining room, and begins at the conclusion of the “children’s message” portion of the formal worship service (ushers lead the kids from the main sanctuary to this room). While children are always welcome to worship with their parents, this service offers an alternative venue with age-appropriate Bible reading, singing, and lesson for children between the ages of 4 and 8.

Cambodian Department worship is held at 11:00 in the Rose Chapel, located upstairs, in the Education wing of the building. The service is conducted in Khmer (Cambodian) language, for native and non-native speakers alike.