FBC selects new missionary couples

The Mission Outreach Committee voted to select two new missionary couples for financial support from the Wilson Trust fund.

Rev. Judith Sutterlin, retired and is no longer a missionary on salary. (She is remaining in China for 4 years as a volunteer.) Judy recommended Emerson and Ivy Wu, new missionaries in Macau, just off the coast of China.

Emerson and Ivy Wu

Emerson and Ivy Wu


The Committee also felt that we could help Dr. Tim and Kathy Rice, newly appointed medical missionaries to the Vanga Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is near both the Chapmans and the Noyes.

Dr. Tim and Kathy Rice

Each of these new couples will receive $4,000 per year. We will continue to support the Borquists and Lauran Bethell from the Wilson Fund, as well.

We will update you about the Wus and the Rices from time to time. Prayer cards will be available at the Welcome Center.

Please start praying for them and their ministry for Jesus Christ.

—Dr. Marian Boehr, for Mission Committee

Noyes Prayer Letter (October 2013, by Gene Gentry)
It is once again time for a more formal update on the Noyes lives and activities. Since spring, you have had occasional updates on Miriam’s health and activities and about developments in Ed’s new project. Currently Miriam is in the Northwest and California speaking to church groups. She is taking the opportunity in November to get the last of her reconstructive surgery as well. It is a blessing to be in personal contact and to get more detailed updates because we can meet her face to face. Ed continues to work part-time with the Western Congo Baptist Convention but also has a much larger role with IMA World Health, an NGO that works on heath care but is including an agricultural component. For those who follow Ed on Facebook there is opportunity to see more pictures and get more detail. There are also updates through International Ministries. Ed’s job with the IMA ASSP project has sorted itself out for this year to a pilot project of helping 350 villages in 17 rural health zones around the central town of Kananga to plant community fields with best varieties of local crops in order to support their local health centers with the proceeds. He and Pastor Ngalubenge are also to be conducting campaigns in the other targeted areas of Congo to help communities think about how to support their health centers, in preparation for next year.

Here are some of their prayer requests:

  1. For some years now it has seemed that the Baptist Church of Congo has been held in captivity by rapacious leaders only interested in power and enriching themselves at the expense of the church. The current president has taken this to extremes.  But there are elections Dec. 6-8th of this year. Please hold these elections in prayer, that God would cause Godly leadership to be elected which listens to Him and is concerned for the life of the church and for evangelism.
  2. The Kikongo Pastoral School (where Chapmans, Mike Lowery, and eventually Kyle and Katrina Williams, serve) needs much more financial support and new capable Congolese leadership. It also needs to solve the problem of attracting students across the difficult distances in rural Congo to better accomplish its mission of training the next generation of rural pastors.
  3. The Twa pygmies of northern Bandundu province who have been learning to read and write through Miriam’s literacy program have asked CBCO for evangelists and pastors. Pray that the doors would open and that God will call evangelists and pastors to go.
  4. Miriam asks for prayer for the literacy group as they try to imagine and piece together a new post-literacy program for their classes.
  5. Ed asks for prayers  a) for Pastor Ngalubenge as he works out the details on the campaigns to prepare for next year,  b) for the Presbyterian, Catholic and Covenant Church local partners who will be doing the work on the ground, and c) for safety for those partners as they travel hundreds of miles on motorcycles over terrible roads.
  6. Ed also asks that in all this practical work, that people in villages, the partners and those National Health Service people they work with, would see God and his loving providence, and that he and the other IMA folk would be good witnesses.

As always, thank you for your concern and your prayers.

Am. Baptist Inter-National Ministries has achieved all 7 Standards of Excellence in Short Term Mission, and now qualifies to show the SOE logo. Volunteer teams operate with the highest ethical standards, and excellence in partnerships, training, effectiveness, and lowest risk. In the last few years, we at FBC have made mission volunteer trips to Central Europe and to Brazil. For information about trips, anything Volunteer related, or opportunities, you may e-mail: bimvolunteers@usa.org or call:1-800-222-3872, ext 2366.

Great Mission Volunteer Opportunities Now Available:
Am. Baptist International Ministries is calling for mission volunteer help in China, Tibet, Thailand, the Holy Land and Lebanon, Ghana, Burma, Serbia, and Haiti. A list of these opportunities is posted on the Taylor St. entrance bulletin board, describing the type of work involved, cost of the trip, etc. Read this information and perhaps God will call you as a volunteer to help in another country.

By 2025, Bible expected to be in every language.
Protestant translators expect to have the Bible, or at least some of it, written in every one of the world’s 6,909 spoken languages in 15 years. About 2,200 languages remain without a Bible. Some 350 million people, mostly in India, China, sub-Saharan Africa and New Guinea speak only these languages. “We are in the greatest period of acceleration in 20 centuries of Bible translation.” Says Paul Edwards who heads up Wycliffe Bible Translators one- billion dollar “Last Languages Campaign.” Contemporary missionaries, armed with technology and making greater use of apprentice native translators, are now able to oversee transcriptions of several languages in their lifetimes. Missionaries develop alphabets, create reading primers and teach people to read and write in their mother tongue as well as translating Scripture.

World Mission Offering:
Every dollar of our church’s World Mission Offering goes 100% to support the work of missionaries and international partners. From Executive Director of I.M. Rev. Dr. Reid Trulson to Pastor David: I am very thankful that FBC, Portland is such a strong Partner in the mission of I.M. Your church’s significant role in Christ’s global mission is making a real impact. Your church’s support helped send Stan Slade to teach inductive Bible study skills to Karen Baptists in Burma, and your personalized support helped in the ministry of Lauran Bethell, Bruce and Ann Borquist, and Judith Sutterlin. Your giving generously to the WMO helped all of the missionaries and mission efforts. We have helped people come to Christ, grow in Christ and change their world through Christ in over 70 countries world-wide.

On April 27, 2010, on a day devoted to worship and celebration of mission for three centuries, executive director Dr. Aidsand Wright-Riggins announced that National Ministries will now carry out ministry under their historic name—as the American Baptist Home Mission Societies.

Early this year several officers of International Ministries visited Nepal to meet with the Nepal Baptist Church Council and preach in a local church. They were excited to learn of the miraculous growth of the Council, which now has 127 churches, 400 meeting points, and 18,581 baptized members. In 1994 the Nepal Baptist Church Council began with 8 churches and 200 members. Bucky and Carole Sydnor are our I.M. missionaries in Nepal, working with Human Development and Community Services, a Christian non-profit organization committed to community development as ministry. It is engaged in many areas like the operation of hospitals, an international school, and training children with disabilities.

Among the American Baptist missionaries that FBC directly sponsors are:

Latest news: Judy Sutterlin, IM missionary in China, receives 2011 Charity Award from Chinese government

Judy Sutterlin serves with the Nanjing Union Theological Seminary. Judy teaches English and Biblical studies, helping the Nanjing faculty and students improve their English ability. While this is Judy’s main ministry, she will continue to relate to the Amity Foundation. She helps with the orientation and the caring of English teachers, and coordinates Amity projects that International Ministries supports, including support for orphans infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

. . .this one thing I do; forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus. Phil 3:13b-14

As the Beijing Olympics were held, eyes focused on China and the local people. In the midst of this, the daily life witness of brothers and sisters in Christ continues throughout China.

Last December marked the celebration of the 50 millionth Bible coming off the Amity printing presses in Nanjing. A new ten-year Bible printing agreement with the United Bible Societies will enable a doubling of capacity. The Amity Printing Company may soon become the largest printer of Bibles in the world. Locally, complete Bibles and New Testaments are available in Chinese and minority languages. In addition, Amity printed Bibles to be available at the Olympics.

In Henan Province, Pastor Liu enables believers to reach out, helping orphans who have lost parents to AIDS as a result of the unsanitary means used by illegal blood buyers in the early 1990s. Through Amity and Amity’s partnership with local believers, American Baptist International Ministries is providing support for 78 of these kids to stay in school.

The journeys and commitment of my Jinling Union Theological Seminary students bring joy and amazement. One student took the entrance exam twice before being admitted. She wrote, “Once I wanted to give up. Then one morning when I was praying, God set one sentence in my brain ‘straining forward to what lies ahead. . .’ Sparked by God’s words, I regained my self-confidence. . .At last, I successfully entered Jinling Seminary. . . When I leave seminary, I will go to any church God plans. I will tell the believers God’s truth in the Bible, guiding them not only to know God’s words, but also to live out God’s words – to be a testimony of light in their daily lives.”

“[Pressing] toward the goal” alongside Amity and church partners, we can celebrate the blessings of love flowing through God’s people in these and other ministries in China.

For the latest stories, journals, video and country facts, visit www.internationalministries.org today!


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Appointed: June 1992
Commissioned: August 1995
Birthday: 1/9

You can see Judy’s website at www.sutterlinmpt.org.

This information taken from Guide to Global Servants 2008-2009 published by International Ministries, American Baptist Churches USA


Lauran Bethell is a global consultant based outside of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Lauran serves through IM to encourage and facilitate Christ-based ministries that address the exploitation and abuse of women and children.
Lauren Bethell

The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness. I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt. . . .Jer 31:3-4a

I often walk through red-light districts in cities that I visit. I’m never comfortable being there, but I know that these are the places where God has called me to be present, despite being uneasy. While walking amidst the customers, the pimps, the women and men selling sexual services, I continually remind myself that all of them were created in God’s image. After all these years of working with these issues, I still have to stare through the evil that has distorted God’s gift of sexuality and chant these words over and over to myself: “Every one of them is precious in God’s sight. God longs for them to know the love that created them.”

Impossible, you may think, that God’s Love could break into the stronghold of evil in red-light districts, or strip clubs, or pornographic movies. Impossible.

When we opened the New Life Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in 1987, I knew that it was important for those first 18 girls to know Christ, to receive an education and to be prevented from having to support their families by being exploited. I had no idea that God had much grander plans to reach into the strongholds of evil and shine Light into the darkness. What God brought into being those 20 plus years ago brought hope to hundreds of girls and young women. And from that tiny beginning, God has multiplied the ministry beyond the bounds of what any of us could have imagined.

Truly, God is in the business of multiplying our fearful, halting, uncomfortable efforts. Sometimes we’re just called to “show up,” to repeat the comforting words of God’s love and care for all, and be willing to surrender everything in service to the One who created us. I have the privilege of working with many, many who God is calling to shine the light of love into the darkest – impossible? – of places. Will you join us?


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For the latest stories, journals, video, and country facts, visit www.internationalministries.org today!

Global Consultant
Your Global Servants around the world include a small number of people whose assignment is not to serve only in one location, but to put their gifts at the service of partners all around the world. These people called “Global Consultants,” are specialists in their field of ministry. Their gifts and expertise have been developed over many years of ministry. IM makes these special people available to national partners and missionaries who need them to help develop programs or strengthen existing ministries.

Commissioned: 6/1985
Birthday: 9/18

This information taken from Guide to Global Servants 2008-2009 published by International Ministries, American Baptist Churches USA

Latest News From the Borquists

Ann and Bruce serve as missionaries in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in partnership with JAMI, the international mission agency of the National Baptist Convention of Brazil. They equip Brazilian missionaries to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in countries around the world, including unreached people groups in Brazil. The Borquists are presently on U.S/Puerto Rico assignment and will return to Brazil in May.

They write: Almost daily we receive messages from friends and colleagues in Brazil saying, “Glória a Deus que vocês voltarão ao Brasil em maio – que saudade!” (“Praise God that you will return to Brazil in May – we miss you!”). But a lot still has to happen between now and May!

We are excited about invitations from partners in Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam to lead week-long trainings for them in March:

At Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we’ll teach an intensive course called “Social Entrepreneurship for Church and NGO Leaders.”
For the Myanmar Baptist Convention in Yangon, Myanmar we’ll teach a seminar on “Mobilizing the Whole Church for the Whole Mission of God”
In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam we’ll teach an intensive course on “World Religions” for pastors of the Vietnam Baptist Convention.

We are preparing to return to Brazil in May – and that’s only a couple of months away! We have already been invited back by our partners in Brazil and have now received medical clearance to return. So at this point, only one piece of the puzzle is missing. We have yet to reach the financial support-raising goal set by International Ministries, and the rule is ‘no goal, no go.’

Thank you for all you do to support God’s work here, there and everywhere!

Pray for Ann and Bruce as they continue to shape leaders for the church in Brazil and around the world.
Pray that God would supply every need, including the financial support needed to return to Brazil.

More information about American Baptist mission work can be found at the American Baptist International Ministries web site.