First Baptist Foundation In Purpose and Deed

The First Baptist Foundation, Inc. is an Oregon nonprofit corporation established in 1962. The purpose of the foundation is to provide an endowment to support the programs of First Baptist Church of Portland, Oregon and other American Baptist ministries.

The Church – The Foundation and Their Relationship

The First Baptist Foundation and First Baptist Church share common concerns, purposes and constituency, but are separate corporations. The directors of the Foundation must be members of the First Baptist Church.

Donations, bequests and other forms of gifts made to the First Baptist Foundation will come to the Foundation; while those made to the First Baptist Church will go to the church and be administered by the church’s Stewardship Committee.


As our lives change, so do our financial circumstances and plans. There are many opportunities for planned giving.

  • At times of celebration in life, making a planned gift is an appropriate way to express our joy.
  • There are also times when we want to remember others whose love and service have blessed our lives. We can honor them with gifts made in their names.
  • Finally, when our resources are no longer needed for our own support, we can make provision in a Will for continuing our responsibilities for family and church.

A Living Gift

As the principal is maintained and only the income is distributed, each year your gift will provide a continuing source of income to First Baptist Church and American Baptist ministries.

Examples of gifts include:

  • Cash
  • Annuities
  • Stocks, Bonds and other securities
  • Real Estate or other tangible assets
  • Life Insurance
  • Trusts
  • Bequests (Wills)
  • Memorial Gifts

Rewards of Giving

Giving to the Foundation provides the donor with the knowledge that he/she is personally involved in providing continuing support for the ministries of First Baptist Church and the American Baptist Convention. The donor also receives tax benefits which may include:

  • Reduced current income taxes
  • Reduced estate taxes
  • Reduced probate costs
  • Provide the donor with a continuing lifetime income

Information on the Foundation can be found in the most current Annual Report of The First Baptist Church of Portland, by contacting the Church office at (503) 228-7465 or by talking to any Foundation board member.